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Consider A Promotionless To Popular Strategy First

If there's anything that Bruce Warila is well-known for, it's smashing heads with conventional thinking and providing new insight into why artists do the things they do, and more specifically, why they shouldn't do others. In his latest contribution to Music Think Tank, Warila takes his shiny axe to the idea that artists should always be promoting themselves and argues that maybe, if the hype isn't there, artists need to put Twitter away and start practicing their music instead.  When an artist is good enough, fans will do most of the promotion for them.  But, if their not, Warila suggests that they shouldn't leave the woodshed until they are better.


"Theoretically speaking, if you are brave (promotion consultants will say foolish) and remarkable, you don’t really have do anything today but continually improve and consistently (weekly or monthly) show up at the same place(s) and play.  Fans can almost do everything else.  Give them permission and a way to capture a clean recording of your live performances, and there’s not much you can do…that fans can’t do faster, wider and better, and this includes motivating new fans (prospects) to attend your shows." Read more.  Check out Ariel Hyatt's new post too.

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  1. Man – I have to agree, 150%. I wrote something similar back in March but Bruce says it way better than I ever could – not surprisingly!
    I’m still flabbergasted at how many barriers the music industry puts in front of fans – there are so many “can’t do’s” at concerts (just to give an example) that I know people that have taken to leaving any sort of device at home just to be assured that they won’t be hassled by security and allowed to get in. Crazy.

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