Jon Black Interviews Kyle Bylin For His Podcast

image from www.whoisjonblack.com

Jon Black, in accordance with doing a year-long experimental internet EP series, is doing a weekly podcast talking about how
the internet is changing the music industry.  On it, he interviews artists and related industry professionals, and they talk about what they're
listening to and ask the listener's music related questions.
Subscribers to the podcast get the free songs automatically through the
podcast feed but they're available via his website as well.

Jon was kind enough to reach out and request an interview with me.  I'm rather proud of how it turned out and am quite impressed with how well put together the podcast is.  Now, I'm biased when I write this–since I was quite flattered to have Jon bring me on his podcast–but I think he is doing something really great here.  Not only is he finding new ways to connect with his audience, but he's also taken the initiative to get educated on the issues and put out great content.

Click Here To Listen To The Podcast.

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