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A Graphic Look At Who Got Paid What In The Old School Record Industry

More New Music Industry News: Amazon MP3, Live Nation. Legal P2P, m-Wise, Hello Music & More

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  • Is Amazon MP3 preparing for a major relaunch?  A hiring spree points to an expanded service. (TechCrunch)
  • Industry analysts are saying that while this summer's concert season is going to be a painful one for Live Nation, the newly merged with Ticketmaster company can bounce back. (Barron's)
  • An ISP levy and legalized P2P are back on the agenda in the UK (paidContent)
  • Universal Music Group has partnered with mobile content technology vendor m-Wise to provide mobile storefronts with a keyword management platform and campaign creation for the label group in in the United States. (press release)
  • Mid-Year Investments Wrap: Download, Streaming Services Lead the Way. (
  • Everything You Need To Refute a File-Sharing Legal Threat. (TorrentFreak)
  • Direct to fan sales tool Bandcamp enhances it stats feature. (Bandcamp)
  • image from John Boyle has been named president of Hello Music. Boyle was a consultant,  the original producer of the SnoCore Tour and founder of Boyle Artist Management. 
  • The End and the Future of Recorded Music: Lonely Life of the Digital Audiophile. (In Your Speakers)
  • MIT's newly invented piezoelectric fibers can act as a speaker and microphone. (Engadget)
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