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Music Think Thank: “Jango Listeners Are Real People Who May Become Real Fans.”

Over at our sister blog Music Think Tank, there are
two new posts up.  One is from Ariel Hyatt of Ariel Publicity, on why Madina Lake's bass player Matthew Leone is s hero. The other, from Brian Hazard of Color Theory, is a fascinating case study on passive promotion and Jango.


From The Essay: "I doubt I made all that money back in sales, but dozens of Jango listeners bought albums, friended me on Facebook, and followed me on Twitter. 138 of them volunteered their email addresses, which I immediately added to my mailing list. In other words, Jango listeners are real people who may become real fans."

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  1. Another fascinating thing about Jango – it gives you information about who and where your fans are. Having gender and age information has been invaluable to me to recognize and target my market niche.

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