SoundExchange Head John Simson To Step Down

(UPDATED) SoundExchange annnounced late today that Executive Director John Simson will be leaving the organization by the end of the year. He will remain until a successor is found according to the statement.  As a manager in the 1990’s, Simson had lobbied to pass the Digital Performance Rights in Sound Recording Act of 1995. He was SoundExhange's first full-time employee and launched the new collecting society in 2000. 

image from www.mykmixradio.com A desire to return to his "creative roots" was given as the reason for his departure, but SE has been criticized in some sectors of the industry for a lack of transparency and allegedly slower than needed payments to artists. A recent campaign spearheaded by SoundExchange VP Brian Calhoun has aggressively sought out artists, managers and record labels; and worked to improve communications and provide better service.

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