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Topspin Media Now Sells Tickets

Some might be privy to this if they follow either the developments at Topspin Media or the marketing efforts of Band of Horses, The Pixies, Eminem, and The Dandy Warhols, among others, but the direct-to-fan platform now sells tickets

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In once such instance with The Pixies, reportedly, the group started out with an email list that was next to nothing and with the help of the team at Topspin, within a year’s time, they were able to grow it into the six figure range.

Next, in May/June of this year the group booked two shows for themselves at London’s Troxy Theatre, put 6,000 tickets on sale on a Web site set up just for fans, sent a single email to this newly accumulated fan list, and sold every ticket in a week. Impressive results. Take a look:

“Then at the venue every single person was checked in via Topspin’s iPhone ticket scanner,” Topspin CEO Ian Rogers writes. “Five iPhones got all 3,000 people through the doors in less than two hours.” 

Ian's biggest point and proudest moment, both in the accomplishments with his company and The Pixies: “100% of fans acquired via Topspin, all marketing direct-to-fan via Topspin, every ticket sold via Topspin, and every person entering the venue after being checked in by the Topspin iPhone application.”