Android Developers Are Losing Money, But Why?

image from www.busmanagement.com Application developers for Google's Andorid platform are concerned about piracy; it's drastically high. Yes, Google is aware of this and has announced plans to combat the piracy outbreak with DRM systems that app developers can integrate into their apps. Problem solved—right?

Not so fast.  Less than 30% of Android phone users can pay for the apps in countries where the platform is available. So, they are pirating them instead.

In other words, users aren't pirating the apps because they refuse to pay money for them, but because they have the inability to. If this situation isn't resolved, users in the 33 countries that can't legally purchase apps will become habituated to the notion that apps are free and won't be willing pay for them in the future.

Google is effectively turning people into "pirates" who may have otherwise had no qualms with paid apps.

This reminds me of the three critical years that the record industry spent in negotiations before agreeing to a functional, legal-song download service. It makes you wonder, how many "pirates" were created during that time period?

That previously, would've had no problems with paying for music, but had no means to consume music the way they wanted to online, beyond file-sharing.

Source: Pindom.

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