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Choose-Your-Adventure: Interactive Music Videos

image from I just left my half-naked girlfriend standing in the bedroom and took the train with my buddy instead. After some fun I met an old lady. Being the kind boy that I am, I decided that I should save her from the ruthless mob and once I got finished, instead of letting the lady congratulate me for my efforts, I jumped on my skateboard and sped off. Now I'm in a room playing Twister and right-hand red looks just a little scandalous.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, I'm not mistakenly putting a LiveJournal post on Hypebot. I am interacting with the new music video by Riot !n Paris and choosing my adventure as a I move though the scenes.

The experience is a little choppy if you just want to listen the music, but it serves as a great way to engage fans and encourage them to interact with your art; this a new progression in what's largely a passive medium. Instead of fans seeing the video a few times and getting bored with that fake and non-believable storyline, they get to dictate the narrative themselves and produce the video they want.

Interlude, meanwhile, takes a different approach to the idea. Rather than clicking your destination in the video and opening up a new sequence; it lets you seamlessly interact with the video itself without having any break in the music between shots. Though I would argue that the one above is quite a bit more entertaining and tempts fans to explore all the different and crazy scenarios, both have their merits. In the coming year, it will be interesting to see more videos enter this genre and innovate. Do tell what adventure you took.

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