Class Of 2014 Survey Shows Radical And Amusing Shifts In Attitudes About Music & Media

(UPDATED) Portions of a new survey of the atttides and impressions of the incoming Class of 2014 at Beloit College reveals some stark and amusing shifts that have broad implications for the music marketers and the industry general. The full survey cover 75 topics but here are the 10 with most related to music:

  • image from rlv.zcache.com Email is just too slow, and they seldom if ever 
    use snail mail.
  • Fergie is a pop singer, not a princess.
  • Cop Killer” by rapper Ice-T has never been available on a recording.
  • The first computer they probably touched was an Apple II; it is now in a museum.
  • Computers have never lacked a CD-ROM disk drive.
  • Nirvana is on the classic oldies station.

  • Rock bands have always played at presidential inaugural parties.
  • They may have assumed that parents’ complaints about Black Monday had to do with punk rockers from L.A., not Wall Street.
  • Beethoven has always been a dog.
  • The artist formerly known as Snoop Doggy Dogg has always been rapping.



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  1. I own the first pressing of Ice-T’s band Body Count self-titled album(on cassette) that contains the explicit version of “Cop Killer” – before it was yanked off for the next pressings.

  2. This is really insulting. I am going into my freshman year of college and I understood what all of those things meant. Not everyone is as clueless as they seem.

  3. stereotyping isn’t cool. I knew what this stuff was too and i’m a feshman in high school. BTW, my first computer was an hp back in ’98

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