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Get Your Music-Themed, Morning Weather Report

image from A number of Hypebot readers—so we’re told—glance over the blog before or during breakfast.

Such viewers will be delighted to find out that this morning they will also be treated to an overview of the weather in their area. No, this isn’t a new feature that Bruce and I are rolling out on the blog either.

The new music video for singer Lissie Marus’ new song “Cuckoo” has been released and it includes an interactive weather report.

Once you visit this page, your immediately asked if the application can track your location and it then tunes the theme of the video according to the amount of sun, wind, or clouds that are in your region. The video backdrop also changes with the weather and if you pick a different location mid-song, then, your greeted with a kind and satirical weatherman who informs you with the new forecast.

Source: cnet

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