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Google Realtime Makes It Much Easier To Track The Real-time Web

image from Google is making it easier to track a topic in real-time across a myriad of web sources with a single search.On the newly launched Google Realtime homepage are a continually updates stream of results and some basic tools to help refine and understand them. One option offers geographic refinements to find updates by location. Try the beta search engine here.

Watch A Google Realtime Intro Video

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  1. I found the full-conversation feature the most compelling aspect of Google Realtime. Although Twitter search has had a “Show conversation” feature for a while, Google putting the full conversation on a separate, dedicated page is a genuine improvement. Seeing all the back and forth between Tweets and their @replies is important to people and has been a struggle in the past. We’ve been aggregating the full conversation at Replyz ( as well, with the twist that you can actually post your own reply to the conversation and watch other replies come in in real-time on the conversation page as well.

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