Hypebot Welcomes Two Writing Interns, Say Hello!

welcomeAs might recall, back in the middle of June, Bruce and I started our search for Hypebot and Skyline Music interns. Since then, we've taken into consideration some outstanding people, from many diverse and compelling backgrounds, but ultimately, we had to narrow our choices down and select a couple new interns.

On a later date, we'll take a moment to introduce our marketing interns. For now, we would like to take a moment to welcome our two new writing interns, Mike and Corey, both of which, you've all come across in the comments section lately.

Meet Mike and Corey:

Mike Pineau (@mikejpineau) is from Boston, MA. He is twenty-two and has a strong interest in A&R and music technology.  Here at Hypebot, he will be discussing A&R-related topics and also the role that technology will play in A&R departments of the future. It is his hope that his internship with Hypebot will help him start a career in A&R at a record label or publishing company.

His interests will drive him to interview artists who have been through the label system and seen varying degrees of success and failure through it. Some people he'd like to interview: Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows, Jaron Lowenstein of Evan and Jaron, and John Hampson of Nine Days.  He would also hope to talk with some of the more progressive business thinkers in the industry, like Terry McBride of Nettwerk Records and Bob Cavallo of Hollywood Records.

Can you help Mike connect with these artists and thinkers? Contact me.

Corey Crossfield (@popqueer) is from Los Angeles, CA. She is twenty-three and has a strong interest in exploring how music is marketed to her. Here at Hypebot, she will write about music 3.0, how it affects independent and major label artists, and how major label artists whose careers were built by the big labels now shun them for independent ones or no label at all. As well, she wants to come to a better understanding of how the future of music is influenced by technology, both socially and financially, and how the label, digital technology and the state of the music industry affected the overall impact of the album. 

Her interests will drive her to interview some very interesting, influential, artists and seek out insight from some of the leading thinkers in the tech and music industries in the coming months.  She would like to interview include Chris Anderson, Thom Yorke, Tom Whalley, Daniel Eck, and Joe Kennedy.  More specifically, she would absolutely love the opportunity to interview Roger Faxon at EMI. Did I mention that Corey got to interview Lady Gaga before she got big?

She'd be terribly upset if I didn't mention that. Again, if you have a way to connect Corey to Mr. Faxon or anyone else on her wish list, feel free to reach out.

That said, Bruce and I extremely excited to bring these two on board and would love for the Hypebot community to welcome them to the blog as well.


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  1. Welcome Corey and Mike! Congratulations on the getting the opportunity to write for such a well respected blog. Looking forward to hearing your opinions on things.

  2. As one of the younger readers of hypebot, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have not just Kyle, but now two other digital natives in my age bracket to represent our voice in this thing called music. Good luck guys!

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