More Music Industry News: RIAA Snaps Back, DMCA Rulings Explained, Peas Sell 6M Singles, Free Google Music & More


  • image from nymag.com RIAA disputes claims it has spent millions to collect less than $300K in court settlements and fines. (RIAA)
  • Breaking Down the 2009 DMCA Rulemaking, Part 1: Victory for Vidders. (EFF)
  • The Peas Hit Big: The  Black Eyed Peas have sold 33 million copies worldwide of The E.N.D.  Now in its 59th week on the Billboard 200 albums chart (still bulleted inside the Top 20 after more than 13 months out), the single "I Gotta Feeling" released in June 2009 has become the first digital download to pass the 6 million threshold
  • Google's new music service will reportedly include free Pandora style streams alongside paid streams and downloads. (Epicenter) 
  • Is Downloadable Music a Boon or Curse to the Music Industry? (TechDigital
  • What About Creating A Digital Transmission Right? (TechDirt)
  • BlackBerry aims for music industry domination. (RCNUnplugged
  • Who Needs a Publisher? (Newsweek)
  • How To Manage A Sustainable Online Community. (Mashable)
  • image from t2.gstatic.com Twitter user sends world's 20 billionth tweet. (BBC)
  • RIAA ‘Protects’ Radiohead’s In Rainbows. (TorrentFreak)
  • Hot Summer, Cold Economy, Weak Concert Sales. (NYTimes
  • Twitter Starts Offering Personalized Suggestions of Users to Follow. (Mashable)
  • Wanted: The Cleverest Way to Wear an iPod Shuffle. (FastCompany
  • ‘Idol’ Is Now Free to Be …What? (NYTimes
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