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Google & Verizon's Version Of Net Neutrality Offers Little Protection For Music Industry Innovation
Interview: David Meerman Scott, Author Of Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead (Pt. 2)

Music Think Tank: New Posts, New Authors Soon

Since I sent out a request for new authors at Music Think Tank, I’ve got some really smart responses and have heard many insightful essay ideas; it helped me discover a few neat writers that I wouldn’t have otherwise. More on this soon.


Also, if you’re a reader of our sister blog and haven’t read the news yet, we've turned on the comment mod. system, due to a wide outbreak of spam. Our hope is that this move won't slow the progression of the highly intelligent and dynamic conversations, but in an attempt to preserve the quality of the site, as well as, your experience at it, we had to start moderating the comments one by one.

Beyond that, here are the latest MTT essays for you to peruse:

Matthew Hiscock: How Are We Gonna Pay These Musicians?

Ariel Hyatt: 7 Reasons Why Artists Strongly Resist Social Media