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Musician’s Guide Turns One, Founder Posts On MTT

image from This AM on Music Think Tank, The Musician’s Guide founder Marcus Taylor opens up on the importance of learning how to build fans by being a fan. In retracing the steps he took to becoming a loyal fan of Jason Mraz, Taylor demonstrates the long path that it sometimes takes to become a devoted to an artist. As well, he notes that a major factor that played into the gradual evolution of his fandom had to do with the many digital footprints that Mraz left across the web for him to follow.

While hindsight analysis is never the most accurate way to gain insight into our actions and the reasons that we like things are often times even a mystery to us, Taylor is able to encapsulate his experience into to four lessons that most artists will be familiar with but can always be reminded of their significance.

In related news, Taylor is proud to celebrate the one year anniversary of his site, The Musician’s Guide, and is launching a variety of new products and services in accordance with the event. Since his entry into the world of music blogging almost 17,000 musicians and other professionals have visited his sit. Over the next year, Taylor hopes to maintain this momentum and continue to add more functionality and value to The Musician’s Guide. Read his new MTT post.

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