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MySpace Crawls Back, Adds F.A.N. & Threadbox.

image from MySpace added two components to its makeover toolkit yesterday with the purchase of social chat startup Threadbox and the integration of parent News Corp's Fox Audience Network (FAN). A major MySpace overhaul is said to be coming within months. In the meantime, announcements of upgrades, product launches and acquisitions come almost daily from the social networker.

Threadbox & F.A.N.

Threadbox is a social messaging platform "focused on remaking e-mail as a real-time messaging experience," according to paidContent.  "Like an instant message box, the service showed users who among their list of friends was available online, and let them post and receive messages, files, images." The service is reportedly being reconfigured to fit MySpace and former Threadbox CEO Michael Cerda has joined  as VP Product and Communications.

Yesterday Mews Corp also announced that its Fox Audience Network (FAN) will be integrated with MySpace.  FAN deliver's Fox's online audience to advertisers and brands. The move will enable MySpace to also leverage FAN’s team and technology platform. Much of its staff is also shifting to MySpace though FAN's President Adam Bain just exited for a position at Twitter.

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  1. You wanna know WHY those announcements come in daily?
    MySpace = DEAD. I deleted both of my profiles last week, finally. MySpace in NO way is trying to help indie music artists anymore and that’s where they messed up. It’s been over.
    RIP MySpace.

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