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MySpace Launches A New Homepage

A First Look

MySpace has begun rolling out a new user homepage which prominently displays the activity stream and is designed to simplify the content discovery experience. At log-in today, MySpace users can opt-in for an early look at the new homepage.  It  will formally launched to all users on Monday 8/19.

"This is a first in a series of changes that you’ll see designed to simplify the organization and display of content to benefit our users," a MySpace spokeperson told Hypebot. MySpace has been struggling to retain users even as Facebook soars; and rapid innovation is their best chance to reverse thet trend.

MySapce FINAL UHP click on image to enlarge

New features on the user home page include:


  • A wider activity stream: The stream now spans the first two columns, featuring shared content and status updates from friends across their network.
  • My Stuff and Recommendations: A new “My Stuff” module gives offers quick access to photos, videos and music from the homepage; and recommendations (Featured Games, People You May Know, and Recommended Events) have been combined into a single “Recommendations” module.
  • New alerts system and address book importer: The new alerts system collects similar alerts and repositions them in a more visible and persistent location, enabling users to browse and interact with their alerts without ever leaving the UHP. A new version of the address book importer will help users find and connect with friends more easily.

What do you think of Myspace and the new front page?

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    1. I find the new layouts to be similar to the reverbnation artist page layouts, but I can’t get away from thinking that this is too little too late. Why is MySpace so restrictive and so far behind?
      I’m chairing the Future Music Forum in Barcelona at the end of September, and Chris Moser, MD of MySpace UK and Ireland will be on one of the panels, so I’ll be keen to see what his response is to some of the questions from the audience about the MySpace platform…

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