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MySpace Now Syncs Updates To Facebook

Screenshot3 While it's quite nice of MySpace to extend users the ability to sync their pages with their Facebook profiles I'm not sure if Facebook will be extending them the same gratitude anytime soon. In a series of moves to ease the use and relevance of their social network, MySpace is now letting users update their Facebook and Twitter accounts at the same time as they change their status on MySpace.

Course, the smart readers of this blog are likely using something like ArtistData or otherwise to sync all of their accounts together at once and may not need the functionally this enables. Regardless, you still have to applaud MySpace for their efforts and recognize how big of a step it is for them to admit that users are on tons of other platforms, competitors or not, and it has never made any sense to update all of those sites separately. Managing your online ardently from several different access points—that likely lead back to the same group of friends or fans—has always been a timewaster that most people and artists can’t afford.

Younger bands will probably love this though because they may only use the big three and not want to fiddle around with account management platforms.

Here's how to sync your MySpace to your Facebook:

  • Click on the settings box in the update module on your Home page (to the left of the Share button)
  • Check the box next to Facebook or Twitter (or both!)
  • Follow the steps prompted to sync your accounts
  • Done! Your updates will now automatically sync