Live Nation’s Irving Azoff Speaks Up On Twitter

And Gets Slammed Right Back…

image from mc.mtimgs.netLive Nation's Irving Azoff begins his Twitter assult.

irvingazoff: so if you want ticket prices to go down stop stealing music.

gregkot: 12 tweets in, he's already more entertaining than many Live Nation amphitheater shows this summer @marahe Dude. Azoff is off the rails.

FakeBobLefsetz: @irvingazoff says stop stealing music. We bought vinyl, tapes, 8track, CD… for the same song. Well, I think we've PAID ENOUGH.

ShitTopherSays: hey @irvingazoff how did negotiating that Best Buy deal for Chinese Democracy work out for you?

jasoncherkis: @irvingazoff or maybe major labels could stop insisting we play list price –$18.99 and up for shitty CD

TicketSLAVES: @popedominic don't worry, @irvingazoff is doing enough stealing from artists to put downloaders to shame.

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  1. Huh…I really thought the Evil Dwarf was smarter than that. Not the part about blaming the fans — that’s pretty normal. But engaging the Gaping Maw directly is something he’s earned the right to avoid.
    So, even though he’s totally wrong and easy to lampoon, it’s still pretty admirable that he’s willing to make an ass of himself and risk compromising his stock prices in the process!!

  2. Irving Azoff is right. Stealing music eventually trickles down.
    Very few artists make money off touring.

  3. Seems he has something against WSJ writer Ethan Smith. I love his comment:
    “what I love about Twitter is that so called journalists no longer get the last word.”
    That applies to you Irving as well 🙂
    While I agree that stealing music is piracy, I really do have a problem with justifying higher ticket prices because of the record business having problems.
    I believe there is a conflict of interest since he is both a manager and works in the best interests of ticket companies. I guess that is why he is considered one of the best: He makes his bands and himself richer (minus the whole Axl Rose/Guns n Roses debacle)

  4. I gotta say, back in the days when I was young, careless and poor, there are not many shows I would have attended if it hadn’t been for casual file sharing among friends. Made more sense to discover the music for free, and then happily pay for the live, scarce, experience…
    Maybe people won’t go to LiveNation shows because, well, they haven’t heard the music.

  5. What he said cuts through the bs and gets to the point, probably why he is such a good businessman. You want cheaper tickets then stop file sharing. Sorry people but that’s the reality.

  6. I doubt that stealing music has anything to do with high ticket prices. But high ticket prices doesn’t justify stealing music. Nothing does. Because unless the copyright holder has authorized it as free, you are stealing it.

  7. Haha umm sorry to break it to you but it has everything to do with high ticket prices. If you can’t make money from one thing (albums), you have to make it from somewhere else. Working in the industry has taught me that.

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