Slow Hypebot Load Times And Other Issues…

image from tell.fll.purdue.edu I got an email from a regular Hypebot reader sharing his frustrations over the long time its been taking recently for the site to load. I did some tests and had to agree. So today you'll find a few less widgets and things in the side bar.  That and a few other tweaks seem to have helped.

Have you been frustrated by slowly loaded pages on Hypebot? Can you tell the difference today?  Just as importantly, what other improvements would you like to see us make on Hypebot?

We really do want to know.

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  1. Replying on Hypebot and reading the content of its sister site Music Think Tank to an even higher degree, does not work properly if you run popular Firefox extensions such as NoScript and AdBlock Plus. This makes it hard and time consuming to be a part of this community and I’m thinking of quitting.

  2. easy fix, just reduce the number of posts you are displaying on the home page. try displaying only the posts for that day.

  3. There appears to be a poorly coded ad displaying. Firefox cpu usage spikes to 100% across all 4 of my cpus while the page loads. I suspect either Sound Exchange or (humorously) the Bandwidth ad.
    Whatever it is, it’s more than content loading. The browser is processing something like flash video upon display.
    Can you change out the flashy ads for static ones? Might help.

  4. Maybe this is not the place to vent about the iPhone app – but the app is terrible! No zoom on webpage loads, horrible links page, choppy line breaks. Take a look at Mashable or Seth Godin’s app to see how an app should work.
    Anyone else having this problem?
    Hypebot is amazing otherwise, never have any issues with load times. Then again, I’ve been using the app lately.

  5. We experience terrible loading time for HypeBot, the slowest of any page we visit. Tested with Firefox, Safari, & Camino browsers. Most likely due to Flash ads and/or Flash cookies (A very bad idea to begin with.) I hope you will address this issue, as much as we enjoy reading Hypebot, the site is nearly impossible to navigate at this point. Thank you.

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