The Voting Process: Choosing The Hit Song Winner

The Contest Now Has Judges. But The Votes Still Matter.

Given that we have extended the deadline on the Hypebot Hit Song Contest to September 7th, a few entrants have rightfully questioned whether or not holding the voting process throughout the contest was fair to those who entered later than others. As well as, if letting the crowd decide the ultimate winners of the contest is the way we should determine who has written the best Hypebot Hit Song.

image from userserve-ak.last.fmIn thinking about this for the last week or so, I have decided that we will be asking some of our prize sponsors, along with Mr. Jay Frank himself, to help pick the final winner of the competition. Bruce and I will weigh in our opinions too. The votes still matter, but will now be used as means to inform our views — not the sole-deciding factor.

Our hope is that this move will clear up some of the concerns and be seen as a reasonable way to handle the final voting process. We haven’t held something like this before; Bruce and I are learning as we go and making a point to listen to our readers and entrants equally. As one tweet suggested, maybe next time around, I’ll let you write the lyrics, but we’ll see.  Here’s how to enter the contest:

  1. Visit this page and grab the lyrics.
  2. Record an orignal cover of the song.
  3. Upload your creation to our SoundCloud page.
  4. Wait through the voting process.
  5. (Hopefully) Claim your prizes.

A Quick Thank You To Our Amazing Sponsors:

  • Berkleemusic: is offering the winner one free class at their online college for their upcoming September 27th term.image from www.smh.com.au
  • ReverbNation: is doing an exclusive online marketing presence analysis and case study  performed by the staff at the indie music marketing hub.
  • Jay Frank: will perform a “hit-analysis” on one of the winner’s songs.
  • SoundCloud: They helped up get this whole thing off the ground and are offereing a yearly Pro Plus account.
  • Sonicbids: is giving a one-year SuperSonic membership.
  • Music Power Network: is offering an all access lifetime membership.
  • Berklee Press: is providing a $100 gift card.
  • Bandzoogle: is handing out a one year subscription.
  • Tunecore: will distribute your album.

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    1. My company PureSolo, has run several musical competitions with fantastic sponsors and prizes. We’re currently running a competition to win a private lesson with Mark Knopfler, with judges from MusicRadar.com and the National Guitar Museum selecting the eventual winner at the end of this month. Our experience has taught us that the fairest way to choose a winner is through a panel of expert judges, with community votes serving as a means for our members to show their support for one another. I look forward to hearing Hypebot’s winning entry!

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