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Did You Miss Re-Launch Of Don’t.

image from Lost in the media coverage that AimeStreet was being been bought and shut down by investor Amazon and that the AmieStreet team's focus was shifting to Songza, was that a slick new version of also launched. The new ad supported Songza enables groups to collaborate to create a shared online radio station from a library of 8 million tracks.

The new consolidates three streaming services, Songza Sets, Songza Radio, and the original incorporating many of their features and members.  The service is currently in beta with mobile and other features to be added in the coming months.

“Much of the joy we get from music comes from how it connects us to the people around us,” said Elias Roman, CEO of Songza. “Songza is unique in making it easy for people to connect using shared, collaborative radio stations. We believe this makes for a far more social and relevant experience than radio based on 'experts' or algorithms analyzing tone and timbre.”

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  1. “was that a slick new version of also launched yesterday”
    Yesterday??? This new Songza version is online for many weeks now!!!

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