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Anonymous Wishes The RIAA Would 'Go The Fuck Away Altogether' And 'Remove The Barbaric Laws'

image from In an interview with Panda Labs, a member from Anonymous, the group behind the attacks that forced the RIAA and MPAA sites offine, clarified their position in the file-sharing debates. First and foremost, they’re advocates for piracy. That we knew. However, they don’t view file-sharing to be solely a means through which they gain obtain movies, music, and media for free. Rather, they consider it to be “the next step in a cultural revolution of shared information.”

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Unprofitable VEVO Has "10's Of Millions" In Revenue

image from Vevo's revenue is in the "tens of millions," collected through sponsorships and advertising, but the site is still not profitable, CEO Rio Caraeff told an audience at TechCrunch Disrupt yesterday. "Vevo is an experiment on a grand scale,” according to Careff, with more than 50% of revenue passed on to the labels and artists.

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The First iPad Street Musician?

image from Well, this is a case of ‘it was bound to happen.’ Yet the idea of a street musician playing a sitar on an iPad is still very intriguing. According to Alex Shpil, the publisher of the video, she used the Seline HD app and was also recording the sound using binaural microphones. Does the fact that the girl is playing on a relatively expensive device—a new iPod—change people’s perceptions of how much they’re willing to drop in her ‘instrument’ case? Or, is that irrelevant?

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A New Age Of Extremes: How The Social Media Hype Machine Kills What It Creates

image from Are file-sharers killing the careers of artists that the record and music industries create? Or, are we? We—broadly defined as the social media hype machine that we've played our part in fueling—both as professionals and fans. It's as if our society has ventured into a new age of extremes. The traditional music consumption system is running on fumes; mainly, the momentum created by nearly ten years of MTV's Total Request Live. Everything else being played is new to the extent that it came out in the last ten years to twelve months, yet it all sounds deathly restricted to the same formulas.

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Giga Tools Launches, A New Event Management Tool; 25 Free Accounts Offered To Hypebot Readers

Capture GigaTools is a promotional tool for DJ's, musicians, record labels and booking agents to manage, promote and share their event schedules online. Artists can integrate their events schedule with any number of sites and social networks. Management and agents can maintain multiple schedules for their roster in one interface and ensure that all upcoming events are always up to date across their entire companies web presence.

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Justin Timberlake Says He Would've File-Shared Too

image from At a time when the RIAA and other trade organizations are trying their damnedest to disrupt the culture of file-sharing and persuade teenagers and college students alike to feel guilty for downloading music off the web, one of the most famous pop stars of this generation has sided with the fans. In an interview segment that aired on Good Morning America, Justin Timberlake admits to the anchor that, had he not skipped college and went onto become a multi-platinum selling recording artist, he would've illegally downloaded music of the web too.

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The Fleeting Value Of A Tweet: Statistics & Graphics

image from (UPDATED) While sharing with your Twitter followers is useful; the real hope of most tweeters is that their 140 characters go viral. But how often does that happen?  And how long does a tweet "live"? Online marketing firm Sysomos examined 1.2 billion tweets posted in the last two months to find out. Their benchmark: when a tweet generates a reaction or retweet, it suggests the the tweet resonated enough to spark a conversation or to share it with their followers. What they found may surpirse you:

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ReverbNation Partners With APM Music, Aims To Help Artists Find More Licensing Opportunities

4794391263_16496690f1Indie music marketing hub ReverbNation and APM Music have partnered to launch a “ReverbNation Music” library. The publishing company will assist in licensing this set of music into  TV, movies, trailers, video games and other types of productions. Through statistical analysis, ReverbNation is qualifying artists for the program and sending out invitations accordingly.

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Music Industry News: France Says Yes To YouTube, RIAA Pushes, Musician + Author = Crap & More

Hypebot Favicon(UPDATED) Despite the RIAA's best efforts, as of today Mulve is still online. To be clear, I'm not a supporter of unauthorized file-sharing; and though I understand the desire to shut down the biggest offenders, they aren't going away. Mulve is a reminder that the industry needs to put it's efforts elsewhere and give consumers legal choices that generate revenue for labels and artists. 

  • French music industry reaches deal with YouTube. (AP)
  • Musician + Author = Crap -  This week musician Ben Folds (formerly of the Five) and rock-obsessed novelist Nick Hornby (High Fidelity) released a collaborative record called Lonely Avenue. (Boston Phoenix)
  • RIAA Claims That If COICA Isn't Passed, Americans Are 'Put At Risk' (Techdirt)

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

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Overheard @ Day 1 Of ADWEEK In NYC: "Widgets Have Inherited The Earth," Argues Marc Ecko.

This guest post is by Max Willens, editor of We All Make Music, a website dedicated to helping musicians thrive in a post-label world.  

image from "As brands become more human [in the social media space], you're going to see them acting differently because there's no place to hide anymore." - Bonin Bough, PepsiCo

More Great Quotes From ADWEEK Below:

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Animal Collective To Sell Shark Saving Shoes

image from Music marketers lecture artists to make more money by "extending their brand".  Animal Collective decided to extend their band's brand to do some good.  Each member of the group has designed a shoe for accessory and clothing maker KEEP. Profits from sales will go to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund, a non-profit working to preserve the Revillagigedo Archipelago off Baja California, where illegal fishing, in particular of its shark population, is a continual threat.

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Why Trent Reznor Can't Use Social Networks

image from To be sure, The Social Network is about more than just social networks and Facebook; there's a much larger story. But it is ironic that the person who scored the film, Trent Reznor, can't use them. Or, at least he has given up on using social networks and media—for the moment. In a recent interview on Mashable, Reznor gave an interesting answer as to why that is.

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Think There's Room For Growth? 75% Of U.S. Didn't Download Anything Last Quarter

image from A new NPD report, The Connected Experience: Building a Bridge Between Devices & Content, shows that while consumers are using connected devices to access digital entertainment content, there is still a great deal of room for growth. 75% of U.S. consumers age 13 and older did not connect or download any digital content in the previous 3 months.

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80% Of American Public Does Not Support Government Mandated FM Tuners In Cell Phones

Cell-phones In retaliation to the survey that the National Association of Broadcasters conducted—that showed 78% of the American public would consider paying a one-time fee of 30¢ to gain access to local radio stations through the built-in cell phone chip—the Consumer Electronics Association has carried out their own survey. In it, they report that 70% of cell and smart phone users are not interested in receiving FM radio broadcasts on their phones. More damning still, CEA survey found that 80% does not support a government mandate that would force manufacturers to include an FM tuner in mobile phones.

Do Search Inquiries Indicate Hit or Miss Albums?

image from Say you're a new artist or have signed one to your roster. Months have gone by, the recording process is over, the CDs are ready to be shipped, and the marketing push has long since been underway. What data would be most helpful in determining how successful the new song or album is going to be? There are a number of traditional routes, however, a recent line of research is suggesting that search inquiries predict the success for films, games, and songs.

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ASCAP Loses Its Anti-Digital Music Lawsuit

image from The Second Circuit appeals court has ruled against ASCAP and determined that music downloads are not a 'public performance' under copyright law. Thus, the streaming music royalty rates that Yahoo, Real and others pay to the performing rights organization have been overturned and are being reexamined. For now, they only have to pay for creating copies of music, but ASCAP may continue their battle.

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More Music Industry News: Live Nation Shifts, Bye Vox, Pirate Email, RightsFlow, Howie Schnee & More

Hypebot Favicon (UPDATED) Recent upheaval at Live Nation, including yesterday's resignation of Barry Diller, would seem to mean little to the average musician.  But when the biggest player in both live concerts and ticketing shakes, the rest of the industry tremors. Just as the diminishing power of major labels and major media has opened up incredible entrepreneurial opportunities and led to more consumer choices; cracks in the Live Nation armor mean more openings for new promoters, venues and ticketing platforms.

  • Barry Diller has resigned as the Chairmen of the Board of Live Nation Entertainment. Many observers believe that Irving Azoff will end up at the helm of the live concert and ticketing giant.
  • VoxSony UK's blog that was supposed to shut down the CD demo, shuts down. (Music Ally)
  • As their trial hits day 2, Pirate Bay founders send an e-mail: 'Should we risk jail? (CNet)

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

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Enter Your Musical Narrative: What Song Is Playing?

This is a guest post by Alex Mann (@alexjmann).

image from You are greeted with a smile and repetitive hello by the stewardess as you roll your bag out of the flimsy, makeshift tunnel and onto the plane. Approaching your seat, you force your piece of luggage into the overhead bin closest to your row.

You glance at your ticket, reminding yourself for the last time what seat number you'll occupy. Spotting your seat, you climb over the knees of two others, and position yourself next to the window. You push up the arm rest and tilt your seat back. The engine starts, followed by a jolting rumble and then a soothing hum.

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An Audience With An Audience: What Digital Technologies Are Changing About Live Music

image from Traditionally, when journalists write about the widening of the digital divide, what they're talking about is the gap between those who have access to digital technologies and those that don't. As a recent article in The Wall Street Journal points out, that's no longer the case. In this context, the rift that they're speaking of relates to the growing disconnect between attendees of live concerts who feel entitled to brandish their cell phones, digital cameras, and, in a rising number of cases, full-blown camcorders and those who think that the very act of doing so defies the purity of the live music experience.

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Has Streaming Music Been Sneeking Up On You?

image from George Howard, the former president of Rykodisc and author of the 9GiantSteps blog, has posted his first entry over at Music Think Tank. In it, Howard argues that streaming music and video has stuck up on most people. That they may have enormous collections and be loyal to physical mediums yet slowly, but surely, they have started to stream more and more. To the point where their precious artifacts of yesteryear are even collecting dust bunnies.

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A Time For Restraint: Does Our Obsession With NEW! Doom Bands Before They Get Started?

image from These lines in The Independent stuck a chord:

"With the internet making it ever easier to discover new music, musos scrambling to stay ahead of the game and record labels getting ever more frantic in the face of their decline, it seems that these bands are rolling by at an increasingly swift pace. Every week throws up new bands you're told you must hear..."  

Since we're all suffering from digitally induced A.D.D., how does a band keep from having the spotlight shine on them before they're ready or watch it shift to the next big thing before they've had the time to mature?

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How To Launch a Music Startup: Willingness to Pay

image from This post is part of the How To Launch a Music Startup series by Brenden Mulligan, which focuses on building a company that creates online products for musicians. Mulligan founded ArtistData, which was recently acquired by Sonicbids, and can be found on Twitter at @bmull.

image from In the last post, we covered one of the first major metrics for your artist-focused business's plan: market size. We had an interesting discussion in the comments. Some thought 500,000 was way too much. Others thought it wasn't nearly enough.

Now we're moving on to figure out how valuable this market is from a revenue standpoint. The term "willingness to pay" basically covers how likely your customers are to pay you for the product or service you provide. Essentially, this is like asking yourself "Even if I build a kick ass product, will artists open their wallets, or are they too cheap/broke?"

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Whatcha Say: The Alternative Video Revolution

This is the second essay by Hypebot intern Mike Pineau (@mikejpineau).

image from For years now, multi-million dollar music videos have been a staple of the budgets that major labels set aside for artist releases.  Iconic performances by artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna pushed videos past traditional lip sync numbers into full fledged musical movies. The pop boom in the late 90s took these videos to the next level, as they became massive promotional platters served up by shows like MTV’s Total Request Live. Today, due to the decline in sales of recorded music, video budgets must now compete with recording and touring money in label coffers. 

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Want More Fans? Buy A Twitter "Promoted Account"

image from Want more fans? At a tech conference today, Twitter will reportedly announce an approved and sanctioned way to collect. Just buy a newly created Promoted Account, and Twitter will try to help increase your Twitter following. Their method is to insert you alongside other Twitter users it suggests in its “Who to Follow” feature. Just think, your band's name will be right next to Tila Tequila!

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BitTorrent Asks Artists To Get In Bed With The Devil

image from BitTorrent has created a pilot program that encourages musicians to submit their creative works for the chance to be spotlighted on their site, which reaches over 80 million music enthusiasts around the world. Course, for all you know, your works might already be in their promotional network that distributes music globally at baffling speeds.

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More Music Industry News: Jonsi's Live Twist, DMCA Turn Offs , Pirate Bay Trial Today, Masnick & More

Hypebot Favicon Reader comments are a crucial to the value that Hypebot strives to deliver. We want to be told when we're off track; and most of you also work in music and music tech and thus add a lot to the conversation. So we've kept our comment process fairly unregulated: no signup required with comments posted instantly.  Yesterday, however, Kyle and I were forced to delete a fair number of comments. To be clear, here is our policy: Thoughtfulness and dissension are encouraged, but overt mean-spiritedness is not.  That is pretty much it. I hope you're OK with it. If you are or are not, please comment below.

  • Jonsi of Sigur Ros, has come up with an interesting twist to his live show. He plays small theaters but has commissioned the London-based company Fifty Nine Productions to create a kind of movie in which he and his band perform. (NPR)
  • Does the DMCA require Internet disconnections? (ars)
  • The Pirate Bay Appeal Starts Today -  Last year The Pirate Bay Four were sentenced to a year in prison, and each ordered to pay $905,000 in damages. Tuesday the appeal of the trial will start, but unlike last time there is is an awkward silence in the media, blogs and even on The Pirate Bay. Is this the proverbial calm before the storm, or perhaps a change of course? (TorrentFreak)

More Music Industry News & Commentary

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