Internet Attackers Force RIAA & MPAA Sites Offline

image from www.hypebot.com (UPDATED) Supporters of the net collective Anonymous, which organized an effective takedown 36 hours ago of sites controlled by the Motion Picture Association Of America, have now set there sites on the RIAA.  “Operation Payback”, dubbed by Torrentfreak as the "protest of the future” forced both RIAA.com and RIAA.org offline on Sunday.  By Monday, both sites were back up; but more ani-piracy site attacks are promised for this week.

In a statement, the group originally targeted only Airplex software for the that company's public vow to force PirateBay offline:

"How fast you are in such a short time! Aiplex, the bastard hired gun that DDoS’d TPB (The Pirate Bay), is already down! Rejoice, /b/rothers, even if it was at the hands of a single anon that it was done, even if ahead of schedule. now we have our lasers primed, but what do we target now?

We target the bastard group that has thus far led this charge against our websites, like The Pirate Bay. We target MPAA.ORG! The IP is designated at “″, and our firing time remains THE SAME. All details are just as before, but we have reaimed our crosshairs on this much larger target. We have the manpower, we have the botnets, it’s time we do to them what they keep doing to us.


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  1. “Fundamentalist” attacks like this will only be harmful to the cause of real IP reform.
    Look at the way Greenpeace has changed over the last 30 years. They’ve learned that attacking people in an adversarial way only pushes people away from your cause.
    When you break the law, or even just break the social “laws” of fair dealings, you undermine the fundamental social contract that you need to rely on in order to get your adversary to come around to your point of view.
    And no, two wrongs don’t make a right, just because the RIAA/MPAA act like thugs in the courts and treat consumers with disrespect doesn’t mean that it’s OK for you to do the same.
    Just think how morally superior you feel when RIAA/MPAA do something underhanded, well attacks such as this make them feel just as smug about you.

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