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Mashable’s Top 10 Twitter Tips For Musicians

image from is the most useful tool ever created to grow the artist/fan connection. A few, like Amanda Palmer, have even figured out how to make some money using 140 charracters.  Tweeting seems incredible easy. Just type in what you're doing and share it with hordes of adoring fans. But in truth there's a lot more to be done to grow a fanbase and keep them coming back. Mashable writer Brenna Ehrlich took a look at useful ways that bands are using Twitter and shared this Top 10.


  1. Build a fan base.
  2. Collaborate
  3. Trade a Tweet For A Track
  4. Get Your Fans To Promote  You
  5. Have A Personality
  6. Organize An Aftershow
  7. Retain Your Indepence
  8. Share Photos
  9. Have A Contest
  10. Keep Up With Tech Trends

 Much more on the Top 10 Twitter Tips For Musicians on Mashable.


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