More Music Industry News: Sony To Launch Subscriptions, Pandora Mobile Soars, McFly, New MySpace Exec, Amazon, TuneIn & More

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  • Sony to launch a new music and movie subscription service. It will be available first via its Playstation platform. (Kotaku)
  • Pandora is activating 100k new mobile users a day. (Music Ally)
  • McFly -  This UK super music fan club charges a fee and rewards users. (Gaurdian) This is absolutely a model to watch. Shared fan communities like Friends Or Enemies will also be a growing trend in the next 12 months.

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

  • MySpace Hires Former AOL Exec As SVP Of Business Development. (paidContent)
  • The Nashville music community received a visit from Commerce Secretary Gary Locke this week where he discussed the Obama Administration’s outlook on the “scourge of piracy”. (RIAA)
  • Amazon is reportedly working on its own movie and TV streaming service. (CNet) Isn't music a logical next step?
  • Negotiation tips for Google Music CEO (Chris Castle)
  • What Makes A Music Scene: Hip-Hop In Huntsville, Ala. (NPR)
  • RadioTime Buys Successful iPhone App TuneIn Radio, Hires Its Creator (TechCrunch)
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