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(UPDATE 3) Mulve Music Download Tool: Recorded Music Industry’s Worst Nightmare Comes True

image from (Update 3) The RIAA and the entire recorded music industry's worst nightmare may have just come true with the launch of "Almost too good to be true," squealed TorrentFreak. "With a huge database of songs, Mulve delivers music to users’ desktops at amazing speeds at the touch of a button with zero uploading, meaning that “getting caught” is no longer a concern." Of course, the big question is, how long will it last?

UPDATES plus Details & A Video Demo

LATEST UPDATE: As of Friday afternoon MOG is back up.

 Late on Thursday through at least FrIday morning, Mulve was down with this message:

"Hey guys, we apologize for the temporary delay.
Our servers unfortunately could not cope with the amount of simultaneous downloads being done (of Mulve).

We are in the process of upgrading our current data plans.
This shouldn't take longer than a few hours.
After we are done downtime should become much less frequent."

Thanks for waiting,

Mulve requires no registration and comes as a 2MB zip file that includes the installer itself and a text file on how to donate to the project.  Here is how the creators describe Mulve and themselves:

"Originating from computer adept backgrounds, two guys, both musicians, met one day. After a drink, it was final, they decided to start developing a program like no other, something that would allow people to find a tune they wanted, no slower than a click of a button.

Mulve, is just that program. After years of development we wanted to bring you something that you would enjoy loading up, something that was not for personal gain or for money. Something that could run flawlessly without so much as a momentary hiccup. Something that would prove to be a monumental breakthrough in terms of music discovery."

Mulve appears amazingly simple to use and virtually untrackable.  Here is their official video demo:

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  1. Sophos is reading it as either spyware or virus. Anyone else try this on Win and find the same thing showing up?

  2. Erm, not being funny, but the track he played had a different name. He “downloaded” heads will roll (A-Trak rmx) but played Date with the night.
    Make of that what you will, just mentioning it.

  3. MULVE not making any money? – Not for long. Soon it will be filled with revenue generating banner adds plus movies etc..just like all the rest of the P2P sites.
    Yes, it will encourage music discovery, but again it’s unfortunate for all of those artists who are busy working away on their music projects hoping to at least see a return for their efforts from iTunes downloads or entice an investor to help offset the incredibly high cost of touring.
    MULVE – no surprise – the usual suspects. Swedish software monkeys on the front end and Russian servers on the back end.
    Maybe adding a button for a small donation directly to the artists, labels, investors and publishers is order.
    Maybe an upfront blanket digital content license fee charged to the users by the ISP’s and passed on to the content creators is also in order.
    Again, the ISP’s are the new gatekeepers – or will these fast download speeds cause the ISP’s to loose money on bandwidth overcharges?? Is MULVE playing with fire- Ha Ha. “Three strikes and your out” is a little tougher to play when your ISP is pitching.

    With a rapidly growing user base of over 100,000 Mulve is a great source of advertising. We offer many different advertising packages over different time periods, here is the basic breakdown but for more details contact us directly.
    Monthly banner advertising on the website – $100
    Monthly banner advertising in the program – $250
    We are currently in the process of upgrading our advertising system, so all advertisers will receive a full control panel through which they can track their campaigns quite soon.
    What about all the artists you are ripping off?$?$?$??
    Has the time has come for like minded Digital Content Creators to start suing companies who advertise on these sites? Here comes the PORN

  5. Just checked to see if you album was there, and yup, there it was for all to download… for FREE!
    So does this mean I’ll get a cut from their banner advertising program? *facepalm*

  6. Yikes!
    Parallels “Pet Cemetary” -(Ramones cover)and whole album. Just came out 3 days ago. Not even up on iTunes yet.
    These dudes are fast

  7. The site’s been disabled. Don’t think it’s a worry at the moment. My concern with this however is where are the songs being downloaded from? Not being able to trust the security to my system is a huge concern for me.

  8. ‘Two guys, both musicians’
    Yeah, bet they were really good musicians (sarcasm intended).
    Let me speak for some real musicians here. ‘A music lover’s wet dream’? Sure, if music lovers really just wanted to end the careers of their favourite artists.
    Mulve – forget about the legalities, I’ll say it now. You ‘two guys’ had better get used to living in hiding, because if the world finds out who you are, you will be killed. You want to explain to some disgruntled gangsta rapper or deathmetal drummer how your system works for him? Kiss your lives goodbye you leeching, music-killing pieces of cock-scrape.

  9. @Dick Huey, glad to know I’m not the only one. Sophos does tend to do that a lot (often with freeware, VPNs and key generators), so it’s likely that it is virus-free. You can install Autoruns for Win and disable Sophos from starting when you re-boot in order to try out Mulve. Might give it a try later myself, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  10. There website must have become overloaded with all the traffic…
    Hopefully, they can get it back up and running soon
    @Blanco, why are you singling these guys out? I took a look around and there are lots and lots of different programs that do something similar, in fact I think the source code was posted for how one of them work.
    Instead of the music companies trying to fight file sharing on the internet, they should use it as a means of further promotion. If you can’t beat them, join them? 😉
    Seriously, an example of this would be Mininova’s content distribution network, which helped lots of artists and companies get discovered. Something similar should be done with this.

  11. It’s disingenuous to call this a “music discovery” program. If you’re just trying to “discover” music, Spotify or MOG will do the trick (minus of course any security concerns). Stream-on-demand is already a “music lover’s wet dream”; I take issue with the idea that a music lover’s primary goal is to have everything for free.
    Also disingenuous of this Mulve character to assure us on a YouTube video that there’s nothing malicious going on behind the scenes. And yet the creators are anonymous, and the music comes from some unspecified locations (including Russia–hardly the land of above-board, virus-free web activity)? Wow. What a reliable narrator he is.
    Finally, we could do yet again without the sensational headlines here. It doesn’t speak well for the quality of the copy to follow.

  12. Surprise, surprise. Two geeks spend their time buying equipment and programming code so as to enable more music to be downloaded from Russia. At least they gave themselves a difficult challenge, not.

  13. False news. Pirate dates to 01.09.2010, Mulve dates to 09.2008.
    It is actually vice versa and Pirate has already been disabled.

  14. Re: Digimuziek
    Mystery unraveled MuLV – Google Dutch/English Translation
    24 September 2010
    MuLV past two days has caused quite a stir. A new MP3downloadtooltje with great performance. The enormous interest in the site could no longer bastions of MuLV and remained offline for hours.
    Where do all those MP3s, and how to reach MuLV amazing download speeds?
    I came through with a clone of MuLV on the track, a program with the significant name Pirate. This program includes source code available on / p / pirateapp The homepage says it all Pirate is a tool to download files from the Russian “Facebook” Vkontakte. TorrentFreak had found that the files offered by MuLV probably came from there. The interface is (in advertising after) almost identical to that of MuLV. Look:
    The Pirate downloads via its fast. The servers there are probably VKontakte guarantee.
    Results of MuLV and Pirate are identical:
    MuLV vs Pirate
    The shocking truth
    It has everything that whole story about the origin of MuLV has been invented. Created by musicians who have worked for years? Seems harsh. These are a few handy boys who have freely available source code of Pirate used to make a clone and advertising data terje of it. For the money of course.
    Update 9/25/2010: Pirate MuLV has blocked. The makers of MuLV claim that an illegal pirate copy of MuLV is. Read the comments on
    This addition was posted on Friday, 24 September, 2010 at 22:03 by: Hans. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

    The domain itself is a .ru domain with the name vkontakte ( Russian clone of FACEBOOK) .
    The Servers of work under nginx/0.7.59 webserver software and the server machines are located in Russian Federation (Saint Petersburg City) and use the IP, the IP, the IP and the IP The average loading time of is 898 milliseconds – this is faster than 78% of all other websites.
    org: “V Kontakte” Ltd.
    phone: +78124932484
    fax-no: +78124932484
    registrar: RUCENTER-REG-RIPN
    created: 2006.10.01
    paid-till: 2011.10.01
    source: TCI
    Contact ID: I4MYTTC-RU
    Contact Name: “V Kontakte” Ltd.
    Contact Organization: “V Kontakte” Ltd.
    Contact Street1: 4, Optikov Street
    Contact City: St. Petersburg
    Contact Postal Code: 197374
    Contact Country: RU
    Contact Phone: +78124932484
    Contact Fax: +78124932484

  16. To the person who said the record industry should use it for promotion.
    1. How does it help promote? It’s the old Napster or Audiogalaxy argument. You need to know what you’re searching for, so the argument doesn’t wash.
    2. With bugger all record sales happening because of piracy, what good is promotion with no payoff? And don’t say touring. Until a band can pull 1000 people to a show there’s bugger all money and guess how they get there? Promotion done by the record company which no longer has a business model. Record companies will disappear and while there’s no alternative, you’re cutting off any option your favorite struggling indie artist has of ever getting ahead.

  17. Thats bullshit that they are musicians. Knowing how difficult it is for musicians to make money in the internet age, a real musician would not create such a site.
    OHH, but there is one type of musician who would, the ones who weren’t making any money and decided “if I can’t make money, then no one will make money”

  18. Hilarious copy on the website:
    “By using or accessing this Service you agree to comply with the copyright, trademark, service mark, and all other applicable laws that protect the Service. You agree not to copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, modify, rent, sell, or create derivative works of any portion of the Service without the permission of the copyright holder of that material.”
    Are these guys impervious to irony?

  19. @mulve My sincere apologies for my earlier article. I have checked it and you are right. Pirate seems to be the copycat here. I learned that you can read Dutch so here is my new article on Mulve:
    Mulve is a great program indeed, it logs in to searches the database for music. But the credits for the great downloads speeds should go to and not to your program. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    BTW. is a great site. I can recommend it to every music lover.

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