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Study Says Twitter Followers Are Better Than Facebook Fans

image from A new report saysTwitter users who followed a brand were 2X more likely than Facebookers who “liked” them to say they might make purchase. Marketers may argue that the artist to fan realtionship is deeper than with a deodroant and better served by Facebook than 144 charracters. Then again, there are levels of fandom.

In fact,  most music marketers that I talk to sing the priases of Facebook.  But the study showed that Facebook fans were actually the most likely group to actively state that they're follow status would not lead to a purchase. Opt-in marketing email subsribers fell in the middle.

Twitter followers, email subscribers and Facebook fans was all about the same when asked if they would recommend a brand. 33% of Twitter followers said they were more likely to make a recommendation after that they followed a brand, compared with 24% of email subscribers and 21% of Facebook fans. Again, those who “liked” a brand on Facebook were most likely to actively disagree with the statement.

But before you start letting your Facebook page get as stale as your MySpace page so that you can spend more time tweeting, remember that there are still a lot more people using Facebook than Twitter - even if all fo them may not be quite as engaged.