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Cartoon: Record Labels Adopt The Radiohead Model!

image from What would it look like if record labels adopted the Radiohead "pay what you want" model; not for what fans pay for releases, but rather with what the labels pay out to artists?  Ask anyone whose ever done an audit of a major record label, and you'll learn that they are unofficially already using the Radiohead model, as marveloous cartoon site  ToothPasteForDinner illustrates:

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  1. pure BS. lopsided, propaganda.
    how about some facts, and cited examples? wow. just wow. write anything as fact and publish it…
    labels pay according to contracts and artist can sue if they don’t. think about all the artists signed to all the labels over the last 10 years – how many royalty lawsuits have there been? maybe a handful, and of those, how many were the labels found to be in error?

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