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eMusic Adds Universal Catalog Ahead Of Planned November Relaunch

image from eMusic has added select songs from Universal Music Group to its growing 10 million track catalog. Only songs released more than 18 months previoisly will be part of the initial 250,000 track offering. EMI remains the single major label hold out, but sources indicate ongoing negotiations to bring them aboard ahead of a planned November relaunch.

For years the major label groups would not license tracks to eMusic whose subscription model typically delivers tracks for 40 - 50% less than iTune's or Amazon feeling that it devalued their releases.  But the search for new revenue sources and a strategy of only making select older tracks has now led three of the four majors to change their tune.

eMusic is planning a November relaunch supported by a major marketing campaign designed to reverse a slight decline in membership of around 375,000 from a peak of 400,000 subscribers in 2008.

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