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Happy Quit Myspace Day! Delete Your Account Now.

146707972_de3f9d2340 Yesterday marked the first anniversary of ‘Quit MySpace Day’. One year ago, Andrew Dubber said that if MySpace didn’t clean up their act and make a site that cared about musicians, everyone should leave. After looking over the site and seeing if any of his demands had been met, Dubber decided it was time for musicians to close their accounts. He is convinced that they will be better for it. Take control of your music and jump ship. Happy Quit Myspace Day, everyone. If you’re on Twitter, it’d be great to see the tag #quitmyspace trending.

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  1. This is just silly. Yeah, MySpace sucks and is practically irrelevant. But to delete the account when MySpace still is a significant channel of discovery for those “not in the know” which can be a lot of your potential demographic, is cutting off your nose to spite your face. I don’t get it.

  2. I agree Charles. MySpace still ranks high on Google searches. If anything MySpace should be cog in the machine that is artist/band promo. You can’t rely on one SM outlet to do all your bidding.
    Also, I noticed in the article from last year, that some of the ideas Dubber suggested Myspace do are being done by other companies. For example,when he spoke of MySpace setting up a publishing company to connect artist with game companies, film makers, and potential sponsers; that sounds a whole lot like Hello Music to me.
    I say all that to say this, one shouldn’t rely on ONE method of SM (social media) to reach current and new fans. Find out where your fans are and meet them there. For example, if your fans are on FB, you should have a an ACTIVE FB fanpage amongst other SM tools.

  3. Yes I agree Catelouie. I also forgot about the MySpace/Google Ranking factor. I don’t spend much time on MySpace anymore. FB is where it’s at for me. But as long as it’s free and gooses my online ranking and it’s a paradigm that’s comfortable for a lot of people, I’m keeping it.

  4. Is this Dubber person a musician? NO
    Is he someone writing an article to be controversial and gain more traffic. Yes?
    Absolutely pointless

  5. exactly! this is what i’ve been saying time and time again about hypebot and the people he links to or allows to post! so many non-music people who are ALWAYS happy to hand out (mainly shitty) advice to musicians.
    the fact is just last week i had an ad agency ask to hear my newest tunes and the first question asked was whether i had a myspace page they could go to and send their client to. it’s easy for most people and like it or not, it’s still trusted. and again, like it or not, it’s a household name…
    but this is just an example of real-world, working musician. it’s not some hyped-up bullshit by a tech guru, so it’s not sexy enough for hypebot, i would guess…

  6. i don’t see the point of disengaging from a social network simply because it’s not everything you want it to be. is facebook everything you want it to be? of course not, but you’re not quiting that i’ll bet.

  7. I have been using MySpace since 2005, I am a musician, and between my partner (also a longtime musician)and I, we have a good half-dozen MySpace music pages, and I am seriously considering deleting every single MySpace I am associated with, if at all possible, and here are the reasons. 1. MySpace sucks traffic AWAY from sites that I have full, or better control of, including my own website. Why should I want to drive ANY…ANY! traffic to a site who’s primary objective is to use MY page and MY music to advertise THEIR crappy artist du-jour and other corporate behemouths? Oh, and if you skip my bloated-with-BS MySpace and go to MY REAL website, you actually have the option of downloading tracks and full albums from CDbaby!, a site which gives ME most favorable return on my investment. 2. social networking??? PUH-LEEZE. I don’t even open my mailbox on myspace it’s so full of crap the comments aren’t much better. How does that help anyone? 3. MySpace throws ads over your music and doesn’t play royalties. A million other sites will stream your music far more tastefully AND pay royalties. 5. I put a lot of time into making youtube videos, and our music is available more fun and easier to listen to, there and in a million other places. MySpace offers NOTHING significant anymore, and takes away from those sites that DO offer something. To me, MySpace seems WORSE than useless. It’s a drag and a mega-corporate artist-robbing POS. I liked MySpace for about 5 minutes in 2006. But those days are long, LONG gone.

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