Music Industry News: Majors Love Russian Site, Rosoff Moves, Android #1, Evenbrite’s $20M & More

Hypebot Favicon(UPDATED) I wrote a short piece titled "Innovation Over Indictments" on the MidemNet blog; it's inspired by the relaunch of the RIAA's latest whack-a-mole target Mulve.com (which appears to be back off line for the moment), and the need to provide consumers with more legal choices now.  I'd love to hear your reaction.

  • iviMusic – All four major labels are backing this Russian music video site. (press release)
  • Matt Rosoff is moving his coverage of digital music from his Digital Noise column on CNet to Silicon Valley Insider (CNet) and I'll be moving my RSS reader with him.
  • Don't stop with an iPhone app.  Android is #1 with new smartphone buyers. (Nielson)
  • Eventbrite raises $20 million more for online ticketing.  (NYT)

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

  • Topspin has a new mail-for-media widget that will automatically adapt itself to the iPad & iPhone with an HTML5 presentation. (Topspin)
  • Who is doing location based social networking right? Superglued starts charting Foursquare checkins at NYC concerts.
  • Established artists like Rosanne Cash are joining the growing house concert movement.  (LA Times)
  • Orb MP-1: A Cheaper Approach to Music Streaming. (WP)
  • Survey: One in three U.S. teens plans to buy an iPhone within six months. (CNN
  • Cassette Tapes Make A Comeback … Kind Of. (NPR)
  • The .ly domain space to be considered unsafe. (BM)
  • 40 Countries Agree on Anti-Piracy Plan. (thewrap)
  • EU promises no law change as full Acta text released. (ZDNet)
  • Next Big Sound: Alex White's Boulder startup uses social networks to find rock & roll's future. (WW)
  • Sneaker for a Band’s Big Break. (NYT
  • Another debate over music subscriptions. (LATimes)
  • Gene Simmons Says Sue Your Fans, Take Their Homes; So Why Hasn't He? (Techdirt)
  • Derek Sivers @ Business of Software. I sold my business & gave the money away. (BLN)
  • Lily Allen attacked by net pirates. (ZDNet)
  • Gene Simmons Says Sue Your Fans, Take Their Homes; So Why Hasn't He?. (TechDirt)
  • Online Ticketing Start-Up Books More Cash. (Bits)
  • Is It Possible to Sell Out in 2010? (VV

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