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MTT: A Fragmented Music Community

Music-think-tank-guest-post Dante Cullari posts about how music is spread out all over the Internet. The fragmented nature of the Internet has produced hundreds of music websites.  Artists can benefit from eliminating several different websites and focusing on one website for their music. By using one website, fans will be able to access your music easier and potential advertisers can get an accurate number of views, fan numbers, etc.

According to Dante, the band, Temple Scene, can use their high number of plays to make a deal with advertisers, but the numbers are spread out over several websites. Dante’s company is currently working on bringing these concepts to reality and encourages indie artists to participate and test out their system.

“So it’s important that artists get their fans to come to one website for their music. Again, not only does this make it easier to reach them, but it makes it easier to track them and their streams of the music.” (Read On)

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