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Trent Reznor Understands Why Fans File-Share Music; Why? Because He Does It Too.

image from www.waycooljnr.com.au In an interview with Drowned In Sound, Trent Reznor talks about his role in the movie The Social Network. Further into the talk, he gave an interesting insight into file-sharing and his understanding of it. He grasps what motivates fans to file-share music, because he does it himself. Rather than considering himself above the topic and ignoring the conversations that his fans are having; he became a part of them. While he doesn’t agree with some their conclusions, he’s in there, trying to make sense of their rational. His conclusion is that file-sharing is the result of bigger problems than he can change.

"It’s strange when you’ve got a public that’s interested in what your work but doesn’t feel obliged to compensate you in any way. That’s a result of bigger problems than I can change. I can stand on a podium and say that music shouldn’t be free and I don’t, but I’m not gonna yell at you, as I’m losing that end of the argument. I understand why people steal, I steal myself and it’s not because I don’t respect artists, it’s because I want something I can’t get in any other way." (Read on.)