Video: Lupe Fiasco Speaks Out Against Atlantic, 360 Deals & Label Interference

image from mixtapemaestro.net (UPDATED) The video is lousy, but the audio is well worth listening to.  Hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco takes aim at Atlantic Records, 360 deals, as well as, label threats and creative interference. Fiasco says that his label never even serviced his record to radio and that he was forced to pay for his latest MTV video himself because he had not signed a 360 deal.

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  1. I’m glad he is addressing the issue of labels being unsure of what they “want to be”. Not to take shots at the major labels as is often done, but people need to know what is going on in the industry, and understand the ROLE of the label

  2. look, this is the business of music. they must SELL something to keep there undeserved overpaid jobs. they are even more ruthless these days because they see the writing on the wall. ITS OVER FOR THE MAJOR LABELS! Steve Jobs and Apple could have bought-out the entire industry years ago. but they just let nature take its course and let this shit die a slow death. why buy something that will eventually be your anyway. the MYTH of the golden eared A&R executive is over. the true A&R has always been the fans. its a great time to be in the DIGITAL Music Industry. peace motherfuckers!

  3. First of all, if Lupe was getting overpaid it would only be because the “True A&R” the fans allowed him to be. Secondly, it is a great time to be in the industry, but dont fault the artist for a industry the labels ruined. I honestly can tell your not an artist because you feel like you shouldnt have to pay for an album or anything huh?.. I cant wait til the consumers in your industry decides to cut you out of the process and your getting screwd.. People support artists… they need it .. so they can go around these labels and shut them down!!!!

  4. God said – you’re right iTunes and the ability for fans to purchase singles = poor major label sales. Unless major labels learn, adjust, and adapt they will become the dinosaurs of this decade. They seem to still have a stronghold on the Terrestrial radio stations but I expect this to change as radio stations are also being challenged to change or get left behind.

  5. his is huge! Lupe has remarkable talent, and everyone knows how Nas gets down, he’s a legend! Labels have been eating good for decades off of the artists. They’ve been consumed by greed and capitalism. This has dwarfed our music hero’s and their creativity. Its putting restrictions on their talent, which hurts the fans. Big labels have closed minds, and only care about the dough. I hope this snowballs and creates change.

  6. i’m going to step up in defense of Atlantic here, at least on the topic of the role of a label. For years people have been saying the labels are stuck in the mud and that they need to change if they’re going to survive in the new digital age. And now they’re finally doing something about it. Maybe it’s not clear yet what the exact role of the label will be, but it’s changing and that’s the future that artists, in particular, need to deal with. He knew the contract he was signing when he signed onto Atlantic and that was his choice.

  7. Ok,here is an idea! How about forget the Labels and pay your own cost for recording time, buy or write your own material, print, distribute, promote, don’t forget to shoot those videos etc., etc., Then, start adding up all of those cost and all of those headaches and oh better get you a good staff of entertainment lawyers to protect your music and at the same time some bodyguards. You will begin to see that 25% doesn’t sound so bad after all does it? No doubt the major labels need to change but there is a MAJOR cost in the MAKING of a STAR!

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