Amazon Adds MP3 Gifts & We Sent One To…

image from www.media4free.net Emailing a song as a quick way to connect with someone has been popular since the dawn of the mp3. Now Amazon is trying to monetize the behavior with MP3 Gifts: buy an mp3, add a personal message and within 5 minutes the recipient gets an email including a download code. They can download the track or exchange it for an Amazon Gift Card. Even free songs can be sent as gifts. We just sent Paul Resnikoff at Digital Music News a copy of War's "Why Can't We Be Friends?" and will let you know how things work out…

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  1. I think this is a good idea. Will be interesting to see how it pans out…if people consider “digital gifts” worthy of sending, or if gifting is a necessarily physical enterprise. I’d imagine iTunes has something similar.
    I really like amazonmp3, though. Their daily deals are wonderful. I don’t understand why they don’t do more advertising, though.

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