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An Argument Against Fan Funding

image from Brian Hazard argues that artists do not need much money for a project because they are all limited by free market pricing which states: People are only willing to pay what a product is worth to them, not what it costs to produce. In his opinion, fan funding is dishonest, allows fans to own you, and makes you susceptible to failure. He advises artists to take pre-orders instead. Pre-orders help you judge the demand for your music and decrease your risks.

“The intrinsic value of music is in free fall, and people won’t pay for it if they’re just not that into you.” (Read On)


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  1. I think it depends on the kind of Fan Funding you are talking about. With something like, I think you are absolutely right. It can ruin whatever it is you are trying to do and not leave much money in your pocket. But with something like, it can be an incredible way to fund a project. There isn’t any money going back to the fans. Only whatever incentives you give them to pay upfront. I would almost call Kickstarter creative pre-orders rather than fan funding.

  2. I agree… Kickstarter to me IS taking pre-orders! $1,500 to replicate a CD is only a portion of the cost. What about photography? Artwork design? Mastering? The expenses for a CD Release Show? Then of course, fans expect T-shirts, posters, stickers. If ONLY a CD Release were $1,500 these days. Pre-orders simply don’t cut it.

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