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"Damn The Beatles" Says One Digital Music Exec

In response to the recent Hypebot headline "The 6 Top Bands Still Not On iTunes", a digital music executive sent this note: 

image from "Damn the Beatles. Two weeks ago maybe, just maybe, the headline would have been 'The 6 Top Bands Missing From Digital'. People were just starting to think that maybe there was some digital music other than iTunes. 

Then with one exclusive deal (after saying the would never do an exclusive deal), The Beatles set the whole industry perception back to DRM days when no one considered digital music anything other than iTunes. Fuck The Beatles. This is bad for the whole business." (more...)

"Maybe not as bad as when The Beatles convinced every band they needed to write all their own songs, but definitely a key step in keeping a hardware manufacturer in a monopoly position in the music biz. Fuck The Beatles."