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Groupon Offers Rihanna Fans A ‘Steal Of A Deal’

image from If you thought Wal-Mart specialized in selling Top 40 smashes at rock-bottom prices to the mass-market consumer, well… you're probably still right. However, Groupon has jumped into the music game and is now selling Rihanna's latest album 'LOUD' for $5. While Amazon is currently featuring the album for the same price, this feature is worth noting because Groupon isn't a traditional online retailer for music. For some, this might be a steal – that is, if they haven't gotten it off Pirate LimeWire already – while other fans may find it easy to pass up.

It's not surprising to find major label releases of this sort being marketed through the site nor will budding Rihanna fans likely have conversations over Facebook about how they just haaave to buy the album. But, the evolution of it could prove to be more interesting. Is there an opportunity for local artists to offer up their albums on the site? Or wouldn't they be able to sell enough for it to be worth it?

via TechCrunch

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  1. How did this do? I can only see that 523 $5 downloads were sold, but was that just in New York?

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