In Another Napster Moment, Industry Stalls As Consumers Embrace Music Streams

image from It appears that the recorded musc industry may be preparing to shoot itself in the foot yet again. Even as record labels, publishers and pundits debate the pros and cons of music streaming, the consumer has already decided.  The popularity of streaming in France, Scandinavia and elsewhere is clear, and the music industry is fond of “blaming” Spotify for the trend.

But now Americans – even though denied access to Spotify and almost always without writing a check to any rightsholder – are also streaming as much music as they are downloading, according to a new NPD Group survey. Read more my post "Sans Spotify, The U.S. Embraces Music Streams" on the Midem blog.

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  1. Spotify? My girlfriend streams on video portals such as youtube. I don’t because I like music that for some reason or another cannot be found “in the cloud”. Therefore, a hardcopy of my music is essential to me. The sound quality of “the cloud” and the video portals is also questionable.

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