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Big Facebook, MySpace Joint Announcement Today

image from (Updated) MySpace and Facebook will make a major joint announcement at Noon PST today according to a press invitation sent last night.  Mike Jones, CEO of MySpace, and Dan Rose, VP of partnerships and platform marketing for Facebook will be handling the presentation, but no other details were offered. Several sources are pointing towards increased integration between the two services.

According to London's Telegraph, MySpace will start to accept Facebook logins, a move that will be seen many as MySpace admitting that Facebook has won the social networking war. In return, perhaps Facebook will integrate more of MySpace's music content.  Stay tuned for details.  (We'll likely tweet it first.)

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  1. I suppose it was just a matter of time. Myspace lost it when every little kid abandoned ship in favor of the “just for BIG kids” Facebook. Of course it didn’t help much that they made the pages so user configurable, that most myspace pages look like they were barfed onto the screen. On the other hand, bands seem to have taken to Myspace as the premiere place to tout their wares, so maybe FB is planning to acquire that bit of real estate in it’s quest for world domination 😛

  2. I really hope Facebook does acquire MySpace Music. It’d make my life a whole lot easier

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  4. I believe FB should add music to its page. Def would be absolute world domination

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