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Study: Facebook & Twitter Drive Most Blog Traffic, But Don’t Forget Stumble Upon, Flickr, LinkedIn

image from A new Technorati 2010 State Of The Blogosphere study reinforces something that most who guide web sites and blogs  already know: Facebook and Twitter drive traffic. But several sites that music marketers don't always consider – Linkedin, Stumble Upon and Flikr – also proved to also be significant traffic sources. MySpace barely registered in the study, which is perhaps not surprising since the study looked at blogging in general, rather than just music or band blogging.  But the results are a reminder of the importance of diversifying your social networking efforts for anyone working to attract new visitors.

Chart: Top Social Media Drivers

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  1. Hi Bruce,
    Interesting Graph ! Can you please indicate where I can find the original study? Is it on Technorati ?

  2. i run a music blog which averages about 25K visits a month, and find that twitter only accounts for about 6% of my referrals, and about 2% of my total traffic (facebook, on the other hand, brings in nearly 30% of all referrals and 10% of the total traffic).
    that does, however, put twitter 3rd in the list of referrers….

  3. hi i m jasleen I started a website recently and purchased 10,000 Facebook fans from for our Facebook page and the results were amazing! I passed all my competitors when it comes to the number of Facebook fans… some competitors have been in business since 1999, but now we have 20 times more fans than them on Facebook, which made it seem that I’ve been in business much longer than them !

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