Survey: Is Merchandise Helping To Offset Lower Recorded Music Sales?

image from t1.gstatic.comAs sales of recorded music have fallen, the importance of merchandise sales has grown for most artists as well as many record labels. But with the world economy stalled and ticket prices soaring, are merchandise sales really helping to fill the income gap?  To find out, Hypebot is asking readers to share how they are doing merchandise sales with a very quick 4 question survey. You can also help spread the word about the survey with a tweets, links, Likes, Diggs and Stumbles. And share more about your personal experiences in the comments section. We'll publish the results in a few days.

UPDATE: Read The Survey Results Here.





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  1. I’m looking to put this theory to the test, but I believe selling merchandise is great way for artists to make money.
    The artists need to be more creative with it. Develop their own unique brand, do more performances, cross market their brand with other popular products & services and there’s endless of things you can do with merchandising.
    Artists must be willing to put the time & effort to create the demand.

  2. Would definitely be very interested in the results of this survey. We’ve conducted our own research, but anything new is always good reading for us.
    The merchandising issue is one we at http://Dizzyjam.com are trying to solve for bands, DJs, labels etc. We allow people to create merch for free, and then sell it to their fans for a profit. An easy extra revenue stream, and saves paying for tons of merch up front that you’re never sure whether you’re going to be able to sell!

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