The 6 Top Bands Still Not On iTunes

image from consequenceofsound.net Now that The Beatles have signed up, who are the six biggest bands still not available on iTunes and other digital download stores?

1. AC/DC
2. Garth Brooks

3. Kid Rock

4. Bob Seger
5. Def Leppard
6. Tool

AC/DC and Garth Brooks believe that iTunes is "killing" music accoding to Prefix Magazine who complied the list.  "Maybe I'm just being old-fashioned, but this iTunes, God bless 'em, it's going to kill music if they're not careful," said AC/DC's Brian Williams.

What other bands do you find missing from iTunes?

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  1. Two of these artists have some of their material available in mp3 format at Amazon.com. Kid Rock’s new album is currently $3.99, while a couple of his previous albums can be purchased as mp3s. Bob Seger is offering his “Early Seger” album in mp3 format at Amazon as well. The kicker? You can’t buy individual tracks. You need to download the entire album.
    It seems these artists don’t have just a problem with Apple; they also have a problem with people cherrypicking their album of only the tracks they like as well as “digital music” in general. Someone needs to point out to them that a) CDs are digital and can easily be converted into mp3s so that cat is already out of the bag, and b) if they are so opposed to breaking apart their albums, then why do they have greatest hits albums for sale?

  2. Can’t get King Crimson on iTunes … except for the one song which is part of a different compilation.

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