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Twitter & iTune’s Ping Link For Music Discovery

Ping, iTunes' image from music social network, and Twitter have linked in ways that enhance and encourage the viral spread of music. Ping users now can link to their Twitter account and find other Ping users among those they already follow on Twitter. When the user posts, likes, reviews or tells why they purchased on Ping,  it will also be tweeted to their Twitter followers including playable song previews and links to purchase from iTunes.

When users click on a Tweet that's sent via Ping or that contains an iTunes link, they'll see the song or album in Twitter’s details pane and be abe to to listen to song previews. Last month, Twitter which has 175 million registered users sending 95 million daily, launched an upgrade that gave users the ability to see embedded photos and videos in their details pane

Song previews are only available on Twitter in the 23 countries where the iTunes Store offers music.

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