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What Is A Brand?

Music-think-tank-guest-post Artists today are constantly told to promote their brand, but do you know what a brand is exactly? Brands help fans identify artists and can range from your sound to the clothes you wear.  To maintain your brand, artists should be consistent in persona and sound. Bobby cites Madonna and The Beatles as good brands. It’s very important to know yourself and be consistent in your brand.

“A brand is a promise of quality and consistency….Regardless of what genre of music the artist delves into, the feel is the same and you can tell it’s the artist at first listen.” (Read On)

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  1. The danger in creating a brand is how one defines consistency, increasingly rather than being consistently innovative or changing, consistency means “identical” with sound alike tracks and homogeneous production. Innovation is frowned upon and any divergence from the sound is also seen as bad.
    Nothing is more terrifying to an artist than having a hit, then having to repeat that hit.
    It is amusing that the names we remember most are the innovators yet we fund the safe bets.

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