1,000,000th Band Joins ReverbNation

4543 Late last night, ReverbNation registered their 1 millionth artist to the platform. To celebrate this event, the staff at the company are rewarding the Latin group PANA! with a package of free services and merchandise. Having launched in 2006, ReverbNation considers this to be an important milestone for the company.

Why have they been so successful? “We have always focused on serving the needs of the Artist, sometimes to a fault," CEO Mike Doernberg explains. So too, COO Jed Carlson, adds, “Much of our success can be attributed to our products and processes." Given the sheer glut of music services and artists out there, it's interesting to see which ones rise in membership. What can we learn from this?

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  1. ReverbNation ranks all of their bands, correct? So if you do a search for All genres and select the focus as Global you will find the the last page they stop on is 25848 which puts the last band at the ranking 646,184. Here is the url http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/main/bes_chart?genre=all&genre_geo=Global&page=25848. Maybe they do not rank every artist but I thought they did. If they are counting all artists that have ever signed up and are counting the artists that no longer have active accounts there are allot of people that left. Reverb is a great resource and good for the artists but it would be nice to understand how they calculate the number of bands and if they are referring to active or total since their beginning. Not knocking these guys but just wondering how they arrived at 1,000,000.

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