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FMandSlacker Slacker Radio and Far East Movement have paired up to create a station that features songs from the group, as well as, those that have influenced their sound and style throughout the years.

Every couple of songs, a member of Far East Movement picks up the mic and introduces their favorite song. They explain how it shaped them as an artist and why they wanted to play it on the station.

The result is a serendipitous compellation of songs and short stories that come together to create a compelling listening experience. It's a great way for fans to discover music through the lens of an artist that affected their lives.

Thus far, the station has played everything from Ice Cube to Michael Jackson to A Tribe Called Quest. While letting artists program playlists and chat about their songs isn't an entirely new idea, this partnership between Slacker Radio and Far East Movement is executed well. Song introductions by group members provide the needed context for fans to stick around and listen to the selected songs.

The station contains many gems. Some songs are familiar while others would've required a group like Far East Movement to introduce you to the tunes. Listen.

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  1. Slacker has already done this with a few other established acts – is this a story because Far East Movement is a one-hit-wonder?

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