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eMusic Launches Major "Guerrilla" Marketing Campaign To Prove It's "Irreverent And Engaging"

image from The cornerstone of most modern marketing is to create great products and then let users spread the word.  Apparently eMusic didn't like what its subscribers were saying or couldn't wait for them to spread the word, because today it launched a major branding and ad campaign designed to differentiate itself from iTunes by (take a deep breath...) "delivering irreverent and engaging experiences that capture the essence of music discovery". 

Developed by flavor of the moment creative agency Sarkissian Mason and hot media firm TargetcastTCM, the campaign uses "humor, passion and knowledge" to appeal to "serious music fans".

Will "Serious Music Fans" Respond?

Several of the new eMusic initiatives display a cleverness that could capture attention from fans if they aren't turned off by the accompanying rhetoric. For the "guerrilla" Road Show, eMusic filmed up-and-coming acts  in concert and is sending a van on tour to project exclusive footage on city walls across the country.

The campaign also includes an “Impossible Concert” print ad campaign that pays tribute to concert posters as art.  It will launch in the December 23 issue of Rolling Stone and include a series of collectible prints. 

According to eMusic their next "tactic" is a spring launch called “Hear/Here” that provides "insider information on musical landmarks in major markets".

What do you think of the new eMusic and this marketing campaign?