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If You Share A 30 Second Song Sample On My Facebook Wall, We're No Longer Friends.

image from We're all well aware that Facebook lacks music functionality. Music WithMe is a music app, recently upgraded, that seeks to circumvent this situation. Trouble is that Music WithMe does a terrible job at it. If you don't use iTunes, the app is useless.

If you haven't yet downloaded the song that you desire to share, the app is useless. Most of all, why in the world would I ever want my friends – which by the way, I would have to spam to join this service – to spam my wall with 30 second previews of songs? If you're sending me a song, it had better be the whole thing.

There's a number of ways to post full songs. Since I have high expectations of my friends, I would gladly delete them if they actually lived in a world where they thought a 30 second sample would suffice. Now I have to do the work and find a whole song to hear, meaning that the app merely creates more work for me.

"[Music WithMe] is imperfect at best. For one thing, you can share only things from iTunes, which is limiting for those who prefer to manage their music with other programs. Also, your friends can listen only to 30 second previews of a track rather than the full song. Finally, you can share only music that you have in your library, so if you just happen upon a song or album that you have yet to download, you can't quickly recommend it to a friend or post it on your wall." (Read on.)